Your Makeup Has an Expiration Date

It might be upsetting for you to find out, but it’s possible that you’re hoarding expired makeup in your drawer which needs to be placed in the trash ASAP. Just like any product, makeup and skincare too, have their expiration dates and it’s best to rid yourself of the eyeliner you bought in 2015 rather than have an eye infection crop up. 


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4-6 Months

Yes, that is a short time. Some people even recommend switching out your mascara every 3 months (what…). But after digging in a bit, I found out that liquid products are prone to bacteria, which may cause eye infections – something to stay away from. If it starts to smell different, throw it out right away.

Few tips – avoid pumping air into your mascara and don’t share your mascara with your girlfriends, no matter how tight you are.

Liquid Eyeliner


4-6 Months

Another victim of bacterial growth is liquid eyeliner. Since it’s susceptible to contamination, it’s best to switch it out the same time as your mascara.

Pencil Eye/Lip Liner

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2 Years

Rejoice! Your pencils will last you about 2 years! 

Few tips – keep away from hot steamy areas, sharpen them regularly, and keep the cap closed. I can’t highlight how important the last bit is. It’ll help you keep your pencil living longer.

Liquid Foundation


6 months to 1 year

Liquid foundations should be discarded every 6 months to a year. Hopefully, you’ll use up your product by then. Since liquids are prone to bacterial growth, it’s best to not keep them stocked for long. If you notice any change in texture or smell, discard immediately.

Powders - Foundation, Blushes, Bronzers


2 Years

Just like the pencils, makeup brushes can be kept for about 2 years! 

Few tips – keep away from moisture. Make sure the lid is always on when the product is not in use and the biggest tip is to regularly wash your brushes! Your makeup brushes can pick up dirt and bacteria too! Keep them scrubbed and clean to make sure your powders don’t catch on of the filth.


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6 Months to 1 year

Same as foundation, concealers can be replaced every 6 months to a year. However, the consistency of concealers is different to that of foundations. Any funky smell should be a clear indicator that it belongs in the trash. You might just be worsening the zits you’re trying to cover up.


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2 Years

Lipsticks will last you good 2 years. But make sure you don’t ignore any physical changes such as texture, colour, or smell.

Tip – keep the cap on if you’re not using the lipstick and keep it away from heat.


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1 Year

Lipglosses expire sooner than lipsticks as they have a different consistency. Avoid pumping it like a mascara to increase its longevity.


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3-6 Months

I have to admit, I was shocked to find this out. I still have eyeshadow palettes I bought in 2016 and I’m not ready to part with them. 

Even though they’re shadows, they’re used around the eyes and might be the cause of some eye infections if things go south.

This is the one rule I’m going to be breaking…I can’t throw away eye shadow palettes every 3-6 months.

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