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The latest trend in skincare and makeup these days is achieving that dewy look – a luminous sheen on your cheeks and forehead, which makes your skin look healthy, as if you’re drinking 10 glasses of water per day, eating leafy greens, and religiously following a divine day and night time skincare ritual. Surely, makeup can help – highlighters do a phenomenal job at making your cheekbones pop, but there are other ways too to achieve that scintillating complexion.

There are steps you can take and hacks you can use to get that radiance. Adopting certain habits to improve your skin in general will go a long way. Eating well, sleeping properly, and avoiding bad skin habits will not only result in a change in your skin, but also in the betterment of your overall health.


  1. H2O is your BFF

There is a reason why you constantly keep hearing about drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day – it works wonders! It’s beneficial for your skin, hair, internal organs, and your health overall. Don’t underestimate the power of drinking sufficient water everyday. Try to drink 2 litres of water everyday.

  1. Eat for your health, not for your waist

Often times being healthy is associated to being skinny, which is so untrue. It doesn’t matter if your waist is 24 inches or 34, as long as you’re eating healthy, on time, avoiding eating too much sugar or fried food, you’re doing just fine. Avoid eating out too much, know the nutritional value of the food you’re eating, and have balanced meals. No one’s stopping you from enjoying a great burger or a choco lava cake once in a while, but don’t make it a habit.

  1. Sleep like a baby

Not getting proper sleep will eventually show up on your face, believe it or not. Resting well not only refreshes your mind for a new day, but also helps your skin cells regenerate.


  1. Layer on hydrating products

One of the biggest changes I noticed in my skin after I started layering a lot of products was how hydrated my skin would feel immediately and until the next day. I noticed an overall increase in plumpness in my skin, giving it a lovely glow. Start with the products with the lightest consistency (usually toners and essences) and then move ahead to products with a thicker consistency (moisturisers and overnight masks).

  1. Exfoliate – scrub away that dry skin

When it comes to achieving that bright dewiness, one of the biggest culprits is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the top most layer of your skin. You must exfoliate regularly to ensure you keep the dry, dull skin at bay. Click here to read more about how to exfoliate properly.

  1. Facial oils aren’t bad for you

I love facial oils. They are intensely hydrating and incredible at giving life back to parched skin. They don’t feel too greasy (if you pick the right one) and give you a sensational glow the morning after. Click here to know more about the benefits of facial oils and find the best one for your skin type.

  1. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen

You need sunscreen. Daily. Whether it’s 35 degrees Celsius or -5, whether it’s raining or sunny. You need to apply sunscreen everyday if you’re going to expose your skin to the environment outside the four walls of your house. Sunscreen prevents further damage to your skin, hence protecting your dewy glow. Continuous exposure to the sun will result in dull, uneven skin, not to mention hastened ageing and the appearance of unwelcome wrinkles.

  1. Spray on some mists

Your skin goes through long hours of inattention during the day. Give it some life back by using a face mist every couple hours. I personally prefer face mists that don’t spray water droplets on your face, but a light sprinkle.

  1. Avoid adopting bad skin habits

Don’t pick your pimples, don’t sleep with makeup on your face, switch out your pillow covers and clean your phone regularly. Small changes go a long way.


  1. Use illuminating primers

A good primer can double as a skincare item. Choose one that has illuminating properties – it will add to your natural glow.

  1. Sheer foundation and less concealer is the way to go

Avoid heavy, full coverage foundations and concealers. You want your makeup to look natural and effortless. You want your skin’s naturally achieved luminosity to shine through. Heavy foundations will look cakey, which is the antonym of dewy.

  1. Highlighter – fast and effective

A good highlighter is a great quick win to achieve that supermodel dewy cheek. Slide on a product that has more of a natural sheen than a sparkling shine, and choose a colour that matches your skin colour. I love purple highlighter, but let’s save it for a more daring look.

  1. Add some lip gloss

Why do only your cheeks have to get all the sheen? Swipe on some non-sticky lip-gloss – it will add on to your dewy look.

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