I Gave Snail Products a Try – Now I’m Hooked!

Never did I think that one day, I’d be voluntarily (not by losing a bet) applying snail secretion on my face with glee and hope. That day has come. Well, it’s been here for a long time now. I’ve experimented with snail products for almost a year (or more I think) and I decided to write in ample detail why this product is so hyped in skincare and why it deserves this hype.

I’m sure (unless you’ve been living under a rock or DGAF about your skincare) you’ve come across several skincare products, from moisturisers to masks to eye creams, and articles raving about the remarkable effects of this ingredient on your skin. You must be wondering what those slimy creatures contain that makes your skin glow, or how did the person who discovered this, even find out about this…?


Well, for starters, snail mucin is extracted from edible snails only and be reassured that no snails are harmed during the process. The manufacturers leave them to crawl around on nets, undisturbed and unbothered, so that they can secrete their snail juice without being stressed. Since they’re nocturnal creatures, the snail nets are set in the dark so they can wander about freely, without feeling threatened.


So, what does this slug slime do for our skin?


It contains glycolic acid which helps build collagen and elastin (kind of like the building blocks of your epidermis) which helps even out skin tone and smoothens the surface. Sounds like something we want to get our hands on.


It also contains hyaluronic acid; hence, it helps seal in moisture and allow active ingredients to seep in deep and work their magic. I don’t think I need to write how good HA is for our skin. You can check out an article I wrote about how including certain foods can increase your body’s HA levels.


Snail mucin is excellent for repairing damaged skin (shout out to the collagen building properties) and soothing irritated skin. It also helps fades acne scars, although that is not its primary purpose. It helps more with rebuilding and repairing the skin than with hyperpigmentation, so don’t be deceived by product/brand claims. It’s always better to be well-informed about what the ingredients are capable of doing rather than blindly trusting advertisements.


Following are the 4 snail products that have been lucky enough to grace my face:

It has that gooey texture that you find in snail products normally and is a great blanket over the other products you’d apply before. I used this as a go-to safe night cream, but I didn’t see spectacular results. Maybe I had to be more patient, but I probably won’t repurchase this one.

This was one of my favourite face masks for a long time. I used to put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or so before applying it and I loved the gel texture instead of the fabric sheet masks you usually get. It was snug on the face and the cooling sensation is just splendid. I stopped using it as I was a huge sheet mask gal before I discovered how expensive they were and how economical cream masks actually were…

This, on the other hand, I really liked! It paired so well with all products I used and I could see a difference after a few weeks of use. My skin has been through a long, long, long journey of acne and post-acne scars and is currently riding the redness wave. I would rebuy this in a heartbeat! Plus, the amount you pay for a product like this is unbeatable.

I bought this pack of hydrogel eye patches a while ago and was pleasantly surprised by how good they were. Okay, they’re not the best thing I’ve ever purchased and I probably won’t repurchase since I wasn’t in love and I’d like to try out the other eye patches, but these were good, shiny, kept dryness around my eyes at bay, and I paid just 14 bucks for them, so hell yes, they were good!

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  1. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I?¦ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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