23 Skincare Bloggers on the Best Skincare Advice They’ve Received

Diving into the world of skincare has changed so much for me. From having just a Neutrogena face wash and a Nivea moisturizer, I’m a lot more knowledgeable today and have learnt a lot about taking care of my skin. My skincare journey includes a lot of frustration, anger and low confidence while struggling with cystic acne, but I was so careless with my skin back then. I actually used a St. Ives scrub on my acne once hoping to ‘scrub it all away’ (cringe level 100000).

Today, I have a consistent routine, I’m more informed about what to put on my face and what not, how to care for damaged skin and I have learnt SO much along the way. This made me realize that others in this community would’ve had their own stories and their own skin journeys and they must have learnt so much along the way, too.

This made me want to put together that knowledge and share it with everyone, so that we all can learn from one another. We all have had such unique experiences and learnt about skincare in different ways. I, myself, learnt a lot speaking to all the wonderful people I contacted.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the bloggers, influencers, students, moms, dads, and everyone else who helped me put together these wonderful words of advice. You all have taught me so much and I’m humbled by how much I still have to learn.

Below is the best skincare advice I received from 22 amazing people who were so kind and generous to take the time out to speak with me.

I hope that you get to learn something new today and share your own advice in the comments below!

“Follow the 60 second rule which I took from @labeautyologist. A lot of people don’t realise it takes that amount of time to actually deep clean your skin. All you need is your hands! No spin brush that can hold bacteria. After consciously cleaning for 60 seconds you can feel the difference!” —- @gowtheglow

“Always spot test, especially if you’re working with a new chemical exfoliant or a powerful serum.” —- @maskmeanything


“My best advice is double cleansing. Especially with an oil then a water based cleanser! It’s really simple and makes a huge difference. I would get zits near my hair line and once I started double cleansing it stopped! It’s boring but relatively easy and it’ll make the rest of your skincare work that much better if you have a clean canvas. Especially after a night out. Washing your makeup off is the last thing anyone wants to do but it makes a world of a difference for your skin.” —- @reeceyberry


“The best skincare advice I can give (and follow personally) is to know your own skin. It’s so important to realize that your skin is unique and you must know it very well. You can see tons of bloggers loving products that work very well for them, but before you buy something think about your own skin. You should know which ingredients your skin loves and hates. Always check ingredients before purchasing anything. I always evaluate my skin daily to see what it is lacking or appears to need before I do a routine.” —- @dirtyboysgetclean


“Whenever anyone, influencer, blogger, or otherwise, gives skincare advice or recommends their new “holygrail” product, before implementing their advice or impulsively purchasing their recommendation be sure to ask what skin type, conditions and concerns they have! It’s essential that you follow advice from those who share your skincare concerns, otherwise such recommendations can reduce the health and balance of your skin.” —- @allisonturquoise


“Retinol is a marathon, not a sprint. Easy does it in terms of strength but incorporate often and you will get effective results without side effects.” —- @blush_and_sage


“Don’t focus on spots and acne so much and as hard. We need to make uneven skin normal. If we concentrate on a perfect skin tone we tend to overuse acids or physical exfoliation and that will “ruin” us. If we accept our little flaws and spots we will be more gentle with ourselves and love it more.” —- @sellyskincare


“Go for face yoga. It’s basically the same concept as gua shas and jade rollers: de-puff the face through lymphatic massage. It does wonders for lifting your face, and I really notice a difference. I do it while cleansing my face in the shower, or I look up a few YouTube tutorials and grab my favourite oil so I can really give my skin a workout!” —- @cakeface.skincare


“Wash your face at the end of the day, no matter what, don’t skip out on removing makeup and other impurities before going to bed. It’ll save you so much skincare if you save your skin from damage of makeup and everyday pollutants. It takes a few minutes, to prevent months of damage to your skin.” —- @indigyptian


“If you have oily, congested skin you can still use cleansing balms and oils, just use a gel face wash after to get rid of any residue and to ensure your skin is deeply cleansed.” —- @blush_and_sage


“Do your homework and research before buying into the hype. The order should be: see a recommendation, study the product, then decide if the product is a fit for you. Nowadays, everyone wants the newest things to stay in the loop. The FOMO is too real. Most of us seem to follow the incorrect order of “See, Buy, and Judge”. Instead, I find it best to stick to the basics, the science, the studies, the data and the proven. Beware of brands that promise unrealistic results. Skincare is a commitment. Just know that it’ll take some time to see your skin’s reaction so make sure you set realistic expectations and spend money wisely!” —- @whatsonvisface


“Try facial oils! It does wonders for your skin.” —- @phithegoldenskin


“I love multimasking as I never put on a mask on my whole face as different parts of my face have specific needs.” —- @abbyrosemaureen


“Don’t be afraid of face oils if you have oily skin. Oily skin is dehydrated skin. I find that after incorporating a face oil into my skincare routine, my t-zone is a lot less shiny and my skin is more balanced.” —- @maskmeanything


“Never let a clay mask dry out. They do the job when wet without drying your skin out!” —- @gowtheglow


“All of the best active ingredients for skincare can be purchased at reasonable prices. If you love a luxury product, identify the top 4 or 5 active ingredients and find a lesser priced product that contains them. Your face will never know the  difference! You can save your money for truly “one of a kind” formulas.” —- @youthfulglow4ever


“Drink water and exfoliate” —- @skinwithv


“Use sunscreen, not touch/rub my eyes with my hands and double cleanse” —- @thatbeautysong


“Always apply your treatments and creams before oils. Cause they will work (oils) as a sealing step! Unless the type of oil used is a treatment.” —- @sellyskincare

“SPF is the cheapest cosmetic surgeon around.” —- @blush_and_sage


“Sunscreen is your best friend. Why spend hundreds on expensive creams when you’re 40 when you can use sunscreen in your 20s? Don’t forget to reapply too.” —- @maskmeanything


“Don’t pick on blemishes, you’ll just spread the bacteria and cause scarring.” —- @snugglebunnies


“Make sure to eat your vitamins/vegetables to have healthy skin. Most skincare bloggers are aware of the effect when applying vitamin C or E etc, but the biggest difference comes from within.

In the post above there’s some more info on how antioxidants work. Some vitamins are antioxidants, such as Vitamin C. One of the simpler reasons why it’s good to apply to the skin is that it protects the immune system and supports overall skin health. But you want that powerful source to come from within as well. Making sure you eat all your vitamins in food or qualified supplements, to be healthier, stronger, live longer, prevent cancer and look better all along! Plenty of reasons to do it. Personally, this has motivated me to start drinking green tea, matcha tea and other drinks and foods high in vitamins and antioxidants.” —- @manlyskincare


“Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize no matter what your skin type, to maintain healthy sebum production. Moisturising prevents the overproduction and underproduction of oils. Learned this one a bit late but I’m glad I know it now, it has helped my acne prone skin so much! Keeps your skin healthy and plump!” —- @indigyptian


“Don’t dry your face with anything abrasive or nothing at all. I go straight from washing my face to applying my toner no towel. The more hydration your skin has, the better the product will sink in!” —- @gowtheglow


“The best advice I’ve received is to use rosewater in all situations! I’ve always seen my grandmom and mom use it, but I’m obsessed with it. I use my floral water spray the moment I wake up to reduce the congestion, in between my skincare routine for extra hydration, as an eye mask, on cotton pads. I use rosewater spray while travelling to refresh my skin and also to clean pollen from my eyes.” —- @numa.et.ta.peau


“Keep it simple, keep it consistent.” —- @la.vie.stella


“You should really listen to your skin. I used to saturate it with more than 8 steps…I wanted to use many products that my skin didn’t need. It might be complicated in the beginning to know how to apply the amount of skincare your skin needs, but with time you’ll understand when your skin needs more products or not.” —- @m.soohee


“Never forget your neck, chest and hands. Those show signs of ageing too!” —- @abbyrosemaureen


“Flannels are a form of exfoliation. I was using a cloth every time I used a cleanser on top of exfoliation as well. It was too much for my skin! Once I stopped using flannels so much, my skin calmed down!” —- @blush_and_sage


“Beware of “pseudo-science”. So many companies make claims that are either based on gross exaggerations, patently untrue or not based on blind, randomized and controlled trials with a large enough group of people to be statistically significant. Blogs like “The Skincare Saviour” offer real explanations for some of the nonsense circulating about allegedly harmful ingredients.” —- @youthfulglow4ever


“Just because a product is expensive or at Sephora doesn’t mean it’s going to work. Affordable skincare can be just as effective, if not more. Don’t overlook drugstore options!” —- @maskmeanything


“Use the Skin de-load method (by @silvertran): If you find your skin is irritated or you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s a good idea to give your skin a week-long break. You can even do this every month. Take one week and your routine for that week should be: rinse with lukewarm water, apply non-alcoholic toner, apply moisturiser, and then sunscreen. At night you can oil-cleanse to remove the sunscreen. This super simple routine gives your skin a break and allows it to readjust. At the end of the week, you’ll get a better sense of what your actual skin condition is without all the products we normally apply, and that will help you better cater your routine in the future to suit your skin’s needs.” —- @snuggle_bunnies


“Add moisturiser over a damp face. Can be damp with water, your favourite toner, essence. Not letting the face completely dry so you seal in the moisture.” —- @silvertran


“I’ve struggled a bit trying to figure out what my skin needed to get that precious dewy look I’ve been longing for. My skin craves fruits and veggies but I wasn’t taking care of my body and I started breaking out on my cheeks. Fast forward some years and now I’m left with acne scars and still waiting for the glow to appear out of thin air. The point is, listen to your skin. Cleanse your skin and DON’T PICK AT YOUR FACE. Going to the dermatologist is nice too but I started to do my own research on the types of products I should be using and which ones to steer clear of. Face oils are my favorite step of the routine, they really are so powerful.

Every skin type needs them and my favourite to use is hemp seed oil which really helps to repair your skin. There’s so many different kinds of products and brands that honestly it can be so overwhelming. Don’t freak out yet, there’s a ton of information online with several ways to help with whatever skin trouble you have. The best thing is to give your skin what it needs and to wear sunscreen everyday. Patience is key because your skin needs time and consistency.” —- @rosy.skincare


“You don’t have to have the most elaborate or expensive products just a nourishing consistent routine everyday!” —- @gowtheglow


“A less mainstream advice is to eat more red foods (fruits, vegetables) to keep your skin as youthful as possible and to use antioxidants and anti-ageing products as soon as you can!” —- @numa.et.ta.peau


“Never go to sleep with makeup on your face. This can be tough in college when you’re going out with your friends and coming home exhausted, but it’s really important to make sure you’re cleansing before bed.” —- @maskmeanything


“Always use sunscreen, even indoors if there are windows” —- @snuggle_bunnies


“The first skincare product that should be in our routine is SPF.” —- @abbyrosemaureen


“After spending my twenties without using sunscreen I’m really obsessed now with daily SPF application. Like minimum 30.” —- @stilblut

“Use antioxidants during the day, retinol and acids at night.” —- @blush_and_sage

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