5 Beauty Tips by the Kardashians That Are Free and Worth Your Time

You either hate them or you love them. There is no in between with the Kardashian-Jenners. Whether you love them or not, you have to admit that their fashion and makeup is on point at all times. 

We know well that they live a lavish life and their night serums probably cost the same as my monthly groceries, but they did dish out some beauty tips that don’t need you to spend any cash at all and that are actually quite good!

Kim - Use a Warm Washcloth to Exfoliate

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Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim said she is a firm believer in exfoliating with a washcloth, a skincare trick passed down from Mommager Kris Jenner. She washes off her makeup and uses a warm washcloth to remove dirt and other residue, and gently exfoliate at the same time.

How does it help?

The fabric apparently helps to rid the face of residue and excess oils. The warmth opens up the pores on our skin. It’s also a gentler form of exfoliation than acids or physical scrubs (as long as you gently apply pressure).

Watch out though…

Wash your face towels regularly. You don’t want to be scrubbing your face with yesterday’s dirt and makeup. Plus, damp places are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Use gentle and soft towels, rather than thick, rough ones that’ll do more harm than good to your skin.

Kim - No Primer, Only Moisturiser

Photo: Instagram/@makeupbymario

This is more of Mario Dedivanovic’s (her makeup artist) trick than Kim’s. He, instead applies a ‘softening cream’ and recommends to start adding foundation even though the cream hasn’t been fully absorbed into the skin.

How does it help?

He says it helps the foundation blend well into the skin.

Kourtney - Swap the Eyecream for Oil

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Photo: Instagram/@kourtneykardash

Kourt says that she applies oil under her eyes instead of eye cream. She does this because of the thinner consistency of oils. Eye cream is generally thinner than regular face cream as the skin around our eyes is much thinner and a lot more sensitive. We don’t need a thick layer of moisturiser, it may even result in milia, the white dots you sometimes see in your undereye area.

Kylie - Men's Aftershave Balm Can Replace Primer

Photo: Vogue

I’d be tempted to say that this sin’t really one of Kylie’s tricks, but something made popular by Nikkie de Jager, a makeup artist. She advertised on her YouTube channel about how she uses Men’s Aftershave Balm as primer and how well it works. The high amount of glycerin in the balm makes the foundation last long and looking flawless all day long.

I gave it a try too and my makeup did stay on for far longer! Although I took Kim’s advice and stopped using primer altogether.

Kourtney - Apple Cider Vinegar is a Great Shampoo

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Photo: Instagram/@kourtkeykardash

Kourtney uses apple cider vinegar to rinse her hair now and then to keep them healthy and shiny. It is known for providing moisture without stripping your hair of its natural oils. It’s a great alternative from washing hair everyday, which is a big no no.



Featured photo: Instagram:@kimkardashian

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